Tuesday, 20 August 2013


It is amazing. IT allows you to express yourself, love yourself, challenge yourself and be confident with yourself. 

I have a fashion blog on tumblr which is here and I love it. I can post anything I want. Mainly I post what I wish I had and what I wish I looked like. I love to look good, but who doesn't?! I guess fashion is an outlet for me, its something that I can put my thoughts into. So is blogging. That is why I have a fashion blog!

Overall, I just love fashion. I don't exactly know why but its always been something that I was interested in. Well, when I was about 10 years old I'd say fashion wasn't something I was very good at. You should have seen what I left the house in. Anyway, I'm different now. Now, I'm known for being fashionable, sophisticated, looking good and always keeping up with the latest trends. 

In a way, fashion defines me. and I'm okay with that.

Until next time, 

~ Holly Michelle, fashionista

P.S. I will be posting pictures of some of my favorite outfits soon. So stayed tuned! xo

Summer is almost over

The weather is cooling, the vacation days are draining and I'm not looking forward to the upcoming school year. The summer has held many wonderful moments and memories that I wish I could dwell in all year. My relaxed feeling caused by days doing nothing has left and I am nervous for the coming school year. I am entering grade eleven and I'm hoping this year is more promising than the last. I did not enjoy tenth grade at all. I'm frequently asked why I did not like it and there is not one thing that I could blame, just simply the year as a whole. This summer was a God send and I don't want to let it go. I'm trying to prepare my body and mind for the stressful, early morning, all together dumb school experience. It's not working. 

Sigh, my life is so difficult. Well, not really but to me it is on a very small scale. I suppose I'll end this post on a good note; autumn is coming! The most beautiful season. Full of colour, cozy sweaters and love. 

That's all for right now. I hope I didn't bring down your mood too much. 

~ Holly Michelle xo